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Terms And Conditions

1.    The Salvage Bids is an Auction Firm and we are just providing platform to the sellers to sell their material. ‘The Salvage Bids’ is not the actual seller so takes no responsibility of quantity/quality/documentations of the material on sale and hence will not be liable for any loss for the Seller or the Buyer by business, revenues, profit, costs, direct and incidental, consequential or punitive, damages of any claim. Buyer agrees to have discussed all the related matter regarding any transactions and have understood in full that we provide sources of supply or enquiries / leads for supply and has nothing to do any further especially with regards to quality, quantity, warranty, guarantees, delivery schedules, payments, rejections, transportation, legal laws and regulations to be followed from time to time.

2.    Material will be sold on ‘As Is Where Is’, ‘Whatever There Is’ & ‘No Complaint’ basis and there will be no guarantee of quality & quantity. All charges incidental to loading and lifting of material such as loading, lifting, transportation etc. will be borne by the purchaser. We highly recommend bidders to physical inspect the material before participating in the bidding event as no discussion will be carried out after the bidding event.

3.    Lifting to be made on advance payment and as per instructions given by the seller. For example, more damaged material to be lifted first etc.

4.    On approval, we will keep his EMD amount with us and will adjust/transfer directly to the Seller at the time of final lifting. And EMD of second highest bidder will remain with us for & working days and he may be asked to lift that material in that time. EMD’s of other bidders will return in 2 working days after completion of the bidding event. Till that time EMD will not attract any interest.

5.    The Vendor reserves the right to reject any bid without assigning any reason.

6.    Conditional offer or any offer without Earnest Money Deposit will not be entertained.

7.    To keep your updated please make yourself register to our website.