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About Us

Our Journey

TSB, was founded by Mr. Amit Gupta (MD), Mr. Ashesh Pandey (Director/Head of Governance) and Mr. Adamya Goel (Head of Auctions/Head of Accounts) in 2014 with 6 years experience of Salvage Management and 15 years experience of Corporate Sectors, is a growing company.

The combined experience of production industry, marketing and sale management and latest IT technologies has given a clear advantage in salvage marketplace by using complete knowledge of salvage/scraps/waste/unused/stocks with appropriate marketing with e-Auction Platform to create transparent and healthy competition.

After serving 7 years, TSB has now developed healthy relationships with Surveyors, Insurance Sectors and Brokers and become able to put some milestones in the industries by obtaining best possible values for salvage/scrap.