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Water Damaged Approx 10 Pcs iPhone

Location : Delhi
Quantity : 10 Piece
Product Specifications
Condition : wet Damaged
Description : Salvage Quote Require for Water Damaged Approx 10 Pcs iPhone Salvage is Lying at M/s. RMK Digital Pvt Ltd., Delhi
Product Pricing
Starting Price : 0 per Piece
Minimum Increment : 100 per Piece
CMD Amount : 10% of Salvage Value as per Bid
Contact Person Details
Name : Rinku Dahiya
Contact : 8168769131
Terms & Conditions
"AS IS WHERE IS, WHATEVER THERE IS BASIS". Highest bidder will be asked to deposit 10% of total salvage value as per his bid as EMD. After getting the e EMD only we will forward his/her/their offer to the authority for consideration. On receipt of the approval, we will ask Seller to provide the Delivery Order, on receipt of the DO, Highest bidder will be asked to start the lifting against advance payments. Bid value will be valid for 20 days from date of deposit of EMD, if we will not able to provide DO withing that period, Buyer may withdraw his interest and will get his EMD refund.